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Hello! I'm Violet. I'm a recent graduate in computer science. A Java programmer based in Xi'an. I have a passion for exploring everything interesting, ranging from peculiar gadgets like charger,NAS and routers. Additionally, I find great joy in delving into the world of frontend development. Currently residing and working in Xi'an, I document my professional and learning journey through work and study notes, which you can find on this website. Feel free to reach out and connect!

What can I do

As you can see, I am a programmer, I developing interesting things.

Tech Stack

  • Language: Java、JavaScript、TypeScript
  • Framework: Spring & SpringCloud、Vue、Nuxt
  • Databases: MySQL、PostgreSQL、MongoDB
  • Middleware: Redis、Elasticsearch、Zookeeper、Kafka、RabbitMQ、Nginx
  • Ops: Docker、Centos、Ubuntu


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